Offer and rules of accommodation in ART HOUSE

" "this is a unique Atmosphere of color, shapes and vivid visual impressions. Large beds with orthopedic mattresses Pink oak parquet Memorable smell of bright Millefiori fragrances Blackout Curtains Great Nespresso coffee Private parking. We are located 500 m from the main city square, the singing fountain and Krasnaya Street. Next to us is the Gallery shopping center, the intersection of Severnaya and Krasnaya streets and all the delights of the very center of Krasnodar. Art House is about design experiments and creative solutions. In every detail there is a worship of style, the art of color and the emotions of Impressions. Come and taste the Emotions! What is the most important thing in the journey? Impressions? New emotions? Implementation of goals? Whatever comes to your mind - you are absolutely right, but let's add to this list - Time, which is so lacking in our age. That is why it is so important to make the most of every hour during your journey. Our Art House is optimally located for the perfect travel and business meetings. Nearby you will find supermarkets, cafes, restaurants for every taste, historical and cultural attractions of the city. Within walking distance you will find: - The main city square of the city - 500 m - The largest singing fountain in Krasnodar - 500 m - Krasnodar Academic Drama Theater named after M. Gorky - 400 m - Branch of the unique Krasnodar tram, (operating since 1900) - ost. Drama Theater - 350 m - Krasnaya Street with its architectural monuments, numerous restaurants and boutiques - 600 m - City Administration building - 600 m - The largest transport interchange intersection of Krasnaya and Severnaya streets - 800 m - Shopping and entertainment center Gallery - 800 m Convenient transport interchange to any end of the city, near the house there are public transport stops with direct routes to the Pashkovsky airport and to the Krasnodar 1 railway and bus stations. The rooms are fully equipped with furniture, household appliances, kitchen utensils, everything necessary for a comfortable stay: - Wi-Fi - DimOut Curtains - Multi-channel TV - Hair dryer - Personal hygiene products (shampoo, shower gel, soap) - Disposable slippers - Fresh towels and bed linen - Tea set In the superior rooms, in addition to those written above, you will have at your disposal: - Nespresso coffee machine with coffee set - Hot tub with Chromotherapy - Rain Shower - King Size double beds - BlackOut Curtains We sincerely hope that our concern for you will be another great reason for a great mood during a trip to Krasnodar! We will be grateful to you for any suggestions and comments that will help us become even better! With respect and best wishes, .


A residential rental agreement is considered concluded through an offer after clicking the "Book" button on the booking form, which is an acceptance of the offer. We arrange accommodation on the basis of a passport and a contract. Payment for accommodation is made at the time of booking, or check-in in full, unless otherwise agreed by the parties when renting a dwelling.

Check-in 2:00 PM
Check-out 12:00 PM
Booking cancellation

When booking on the official website, the tenant is automatically sent confirmation of information about the rental of residential premises to the e-mail specified in the booking form. At the top of the booking confirmation there is a link "Booking Management" and below "access code". In order to make changes / cancel the reservation, the guest needs to follow the link and enter the specified access code in the window that opens. After clicking on the "Show booking details" button, the guest will be able to make some adjustments to his reservation, as well as cancel the reservation if necessary. Details that guests can change when booking with the payment method "upon check-in": - Date of arrival and departure - Phone, email, comment - Full name of the guest - Room category - Tariff - Deleting a room Data that guests can change by booking a room, with guaranteed payment methods: - Date of arrival and departure (if the price has not changed) - Phone, email, comment - Full name of the guest Cancellation of the reservation is possible with any payment method, with the exception of non-refundable rates or the expiration of the free cancellation period.


These residential premises are intended only for living: holding any kind of events is prohibited. The employer must observe silence at night (during the period from 22.00 to 07.00, please refrain from shouting, loud music and other noise). Residential premises are provided to persons who have reached the age of 21. In case of damage to the property, please inform us about it to clarify the cost and compensation for damage. We are not responsible for the safety of things and jewelry left in residential premises. When leaving your home, please lock the doors behind you with a key, and do not leave the windows open. When leaving the residential premises, the Tenant is obliged to notify the Landlord about this 2 hours before the release of the residential premises, personally hand over to the Landlord (the Landlord's representative) the residential premises, furniture, sanitary and other equipment in proper working order. In case of damage to the living space, as well as sanitary and other equipment located in the room, if these damages were caused by the fault of the employer or persons living together with him, the employer compensates for the damage caused by him either on his own or in monetary equivalent according to market prices for the specified equipment. Also, the employer pays the full cost of work to repair the damage, according to market prices for the production of a specified cycle of work, and a fine in the amount of the total daily payment for housing and utilities during the repair. The procedure for the transfer of residential premises by the tenant without the presence of the Landlord (the Landlord's representative) is carried out in agreement with the Landlord. For violation of the terms of tenancy of residential premises, eviction is carried out without refund of the rent of residential premises, the security deposit is not returned. Upon expiration of the lease agreement, the Employer is obliged to take out the property belonging to him. If the Tenant's property is found after his departure, the Landlord notifies the Employer about it within a day following the expiration of the lease agreement. If the Lessee has not informed the Lessor in advance about the existence of his own interest in this property, does not show interest in the property within a day from the moment of notification of the discovery, the property is considered abandoned by the Lessee. The Landlord has the right, guided by the norms of the current legislation, to determine the fate of the property abandoned by the Employer. If the Lessee informs the Lessor about the desire to retain ownership of the abandoned property, all expenses incurred by the Lessor during such storage are reimbursed by the Lessee. The Landlord has the right to remove the property abandoned by the Tenant from the premises and store it independently or transfer it to third parties. If the parties have agreed on the storage of the abandoned property with the Landlord, this fact does not exclude the possibility of using the property for its intended purpose without compensating the Tenant for the consequences of natural depreciation of the property.

Children's accommodation and extra beds

Children of any age are allowed to stay. Accommodation of children under 3 years old together with their parents without providing an extra bed is provided free of charge. If necessary, we provide a playpen for children. It is also possible to provide a separate sleeping place for the child. In this case, when booking, you must specify the appropriate accommodation.

Guest accommodation before and after check-out time

The day of rental of residential premises is calculated from 14:00 to 12:00 the next day (regardless of the time of arrival). The rental of residential premises (if possible) from 6:00 to 14:00 is calculated by the website automatically when choosing the time of arrival. The rental of residential premises after 12.00 hours (if possible) is also calculated automatically by the site at the rate of 10% of the cost of the day for each hour.


Smoking in residential areas and in common areas is prohibited - this is not just a meaningless request, but our requirement.

Accommodation with pets

Pets are allowed upon prior agreement and at an additional cost. When booking about the placement of animals, notification is required.

Payment methods

We accept all payment methods, including invoicing in the name of a legal entity. You can choose the appropriate payment method on the booking form.

Migration registration of foreign citizens

If a foreign citizen or a stateless person stays in housing for more than 7 working days, we send a notification to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia about the arrival of a foreign citizen or a stateless person to the place of stay in the territory of the Russian Federation." Sending the notification is free of charge, but it is possible to pay the costs associated with the registration and submission of the notification. We have the right to refuse to rent residential premises in the absence of documents confirming the legal presence of a foreign citizen on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Terms & Conditions

"Booking" means a set of actions of the User (Employer), as a result of which an order for the Services of the Landlord was placed on the Site by the User (Employer), and also within the framework of which the User (Employer) paid or undertook to pay the cost of the order in the way proposed on the Site. If the User chooses the payment method "upon check-in" and the subsequent inability to contact the guest before 14.00 on the day of arrival, the Landlord has the right to cancel the reservation. Unless otherwise provided by the contract, other conditions of hiring of residential premises, in case the employer refuses to hire less than 2 days before the start of the hiring period, a penalty penalty in the amount of the cost of 1 day of hiring is charged (the security deposit is not refunded). If you cancel your reservation no later than 2 days before arrival, the prepayment will be fully refunded. To refuse to rent a dwelling, the tenant must contact the Landlord at the types of communication indicated in the "Contacts" section of this website. The employment contract is considered canceled if the corresponding confirmation has been received by e-mail. The extension of the hiring period is made only if there is no hiring for this residential premises by another person. In case the Tenant shortens the rental period, the Landlord withholds an amount equal to the cost of one night's stay following the actual lived by the Tenant. This amount is a payment for the reservation of Housing in the name of the Employer for the entire period of his residence. When settling into housing, the Tenant is obliged to make a "security" or "security deposit" in the amount of 3000 rubles. The security deposit is not returned to the Lessee, i.e. it will be withheld by the Lessor to cover possible losses (in case of damage to the leased property by the Lessee, or in case of smoking by the Lessee or persons living with him in residential or public premises of the House). The landlord does not provide hotel services in the residential premises, does not carry out the activities provided for by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1085 of 09.10.2015. The residential premises are also not a means of accommodation, and are provided exclusively for short-term hiring purposes.